Jo-Lynne Worley and Joanie Shoemaker began working together as managers of an independent bookstore in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1976. We expanded that work to produce cultural and musical events and distribute Women's music.

In 1979 we relocated to northern California and traveled internationally with singer/songwriter Holly Near. For 15 years we produced cultural events, music festivals, and albums at Redwood Records.

The transformative work of Harriet Lerner caught our attention in 1990 and we migrated to the publishing industry, returning to Kansas City. It has been our privilege to work with many prominent authors, including Harriet Lerner and Susie Bright for over two decades, and more recently with Brené Brown and Diana Kander.  We have consulted with many authors including Craig Barnes, Deborah Tannen, Mollie Katzen, and Esther Perel.  We've negotiated contracts and worked with major publishing houses and as well as independent ones.

Clients have valued our inventive thinking in creating strategic marketing plans that utilize both traditional and alternative approaches to career building.  We have valued working with creative people and forging new paths together. Having a work environment that has allowed us to be authentic and inclusive while having fun has been a joy.

In 2014, we were thrilled to see three books we represent on The New York Times Best Seller list... at the same time!